Monday, October 10, 2011

Dense living

Dense living
I just found an interesting aggregation site called "Dense Living."   It brings together blog posts, tweets, and other internet items, under the banner,

"Dense Living: Most of the worlds population will live in cities. Let's look at this trend and its consequences.”

Here are a few of the entries:

  • Dense designs
  • Is new urbanism sustainable?
  • Theory of evolution links cities, science, fractal geometry
  • Urban sprawl around Istanbul
  • Did ancient cities have urban sprawl?  (sound familiar? it should).
  • Paolo Soleri: a vision of dense, liveable cities

By the way, some of the densest settlements ever occupied on earth are early Iroquois villages. They were extremely dense because the long-houses were packed in behind palisades on hilltops for defensive reasons.

Check out "Dense living" for some interesting news and stories.

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  1. Thanks for this link. Architectural Sociology (as mentioned there) sounds relevant, though I wonder about the connections to spatial cognition or architectural communication in general, and I'm wary of the focus on 'professional' design and symbolism, which sounds rather narrow, but I should read more before judging.